Saturday, February 28, 2009

Taking Sudokool to next level

Taking Sudokool to next level

Story till now
Sudokool 1 was just a sudoku solver. It had 100 puzzles in 3 difficulty levels. I doubted if anybody would ever play more than 300 sudoku puzzles. I thought that people would generally get bored of sudoku puzzles after mastering the solving techniques. However, I was wrong. Sudoku puzzles are addictive. Once you know all the tricks of the trade, you start playing against time. The question is not that whether you can solve a sudoku puzzle, but in how much time !
Nevertheless Sudokool 1 had a complete framework necessary for upcoming later versions.
Sudokool 2 was a sudoku generator/solver. It has all the ingredients of commercial sudoku games. Sudokool 2 gave unlimited puzzles to the addicted.
Sudokool 2.5 was focused on gameplay. UI was improved and also couple of other features were added. Sudokool now has all everything present in commercial sudoku games.
Next version will be focused on making Sudokool GUI customizable.

What next ?
I have started working on themes for Sudokool.Sudokool will have pluggable themes. Some themes will be shipped with Sudokool and user can download additional themes from Sudokool site.

These are some themes I have tried initially.

More are on the way ..

Sound events : Sudokool will give preference to user to turn Sound ON/OFF. Also, will make sound events customizable. User can select different combinations for different events.

Icons : user will have option to use different icons sets. There icon-sets will be pluggable.

Next release will include an installer for Windows. This will make Sudokool run like any other native windows software. For other OS, it will be like previous releases.

This is just an initial plan for the next release . I still need feedbacks and suggestions from you guys !


Renji John said...

Hey Shiraz... awesome... :-)

BPowell said...

Love the program. One thing I'd like to see is the ability to add your own hints (maybe in red). Sometimes seeing all the hints at one time obscures the solution.