Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sudokool V 2.5 Released

Here I am with the new version of Sudokool :)

This new version makes game-play fast and easy. Now Sudokool can be fully controlled through keyboard, along with mouse.
I have also added a cool statistics window under Records. This will keep a track of user statistics like how many puzzles generated, completed and in how much time under different categories.
To summarize the new features in Sudokool :
- Fully controllable through keyboard
- Auto Submit instead of manual
- Fastest timings stored with username
- Warning made dynamic and stored as a preference
- Storing user statistics

Download Sudokool V 2.5 now

Get it from CNET!

I have added new features to this version based on feedbacks I got after releasing V2.
If you would like any new features in next releases, please comment on this blog, or send me email, or atleast vote on the poll in this blog.

Thanks for your time !!
Keep playing Sudokool .. Njoy

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