Thursday, October 16, 2008

Next Version

V 2.0
Sudokool v 2.0 seems to be stable now. There were some issues discovered after the initial release - thanks to Faiz. Those were fixed then only. Now there is no blocking issue. I know there are some issues which might come up, but only under regression testing.
So, its time to do a code freeze on v 2.0

What Next ?
3 years back when I made Sudokool, my focus was just on implementation. There was no proper designing. Code was written as requirements were discovered on by one. This improper design has come up a major obstacle in Sudokool upgradation. I will have to redesign all the classes. But this is a big headache :(
Well, I will try to add as much features as the current code allows. Will take up this redesign later on while releasing a major update.

So here I start my journey on the next release.I am planning to introduce some very nice features to improve the usability of Sudokool. If time permits, I will also try to add some more EYE CANDY into Sudokool.

Please keep voting on the Sudokool poll. It will be the source of inspiration and motivation for the next version.

Wish me Good Luck :)

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